Left Edge Filling Trigger ; V2 as obligatory exponence at the sentence level and typological implications
Melanie Jouitteau
July 2018

This paper is an inquiry about the subcomponent of the Extended Projection Principle (EPP) that is relevant for second position phenomena: the Left Edge Filling Trigger (LEFT). LEFT basically amounts to a classical morphological obligatory exponence effect, except it is instantiated at the sentence level. It crosslinguistically operates in a postsyntactic realizational morphological module. I show that LEFT is an active rule of Universal Grammar, providing empirical arguments from Breton, a Celtic VSO language showing an extra conspicuous V2 requirement. I propose a radical reanalysis of language typology of word order. Classical V2 languages are conspicuously V2. SVO is a subtype. So-called V1 languages are either predicate fronting languages (Tense second), or inconspicuously V2. I discuss a crosslinguistic typology of LEFT effects, with great attention to inconspicuous satisfiers, among them null expletives for which I present evidence. I argue accordingly for a drastic extension of the typology of expletives.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004471
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Published in: Sam Wolfe & Rebecca Woods (eds.), Rethinking V2, Oxford: OUP.
keywords: extended projection principle, epp, v2, verb second, null expletives, vso, celtic, breton, morphology, syntax
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