Morphological causatives are Voice over Voice
Yining Nie
February 2019

Causative morphology has been associated with either the introduction of an event of causation or the introduction of a causer argument. However, morphological causatives are mono-eventive, casting doubt on the notion that causatives fundamentally add a causing event. On the other hand, in some languages the causative morpheme is closer to the verb root than would be expected if the causative head is responsible for introducing the causer. Drawing on evidence primarily from Tagalog and Halkomelem, I argue that the syntactic configuration for morphological causatives involves Voice over Voice, and that languages differ in whether their ‘causative marker’ spells out the higher Voice, the lower Voice or both.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004446
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Published in: Word Structure
keywords: causative, voice, argument structure, morpheme order, typology, tagalog, morphology, syntax
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