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Motiee, Pardis
freshly changed [pdf]Voynich codex; the Indian origins
Yuan, Michelle
freshly changed [pdf]Case as an Anaphor Agreement Effect: Evidence from Inuktitut
Everett, Daniel
Barham, Larry
new [pdf]Semiotics and the Origin of Language in the Lower Palaeolithic
Breul, Carsten
new [pdf]If a man buys a horse, … you have no argument against material implication: On a flaw in the foundations of the restrictor approach to conditionals (paper plus review plus comments on review)
Kim, Min-Joo
new [pdf]That’s a Curious Copular Construction You Have There!
Paul, Waltraud
Whitman, John
new [pdf]Shi . . . de focus clefts in Mandarin Chinese
Paul, Waltraud
new [pdf]The serial verb construction in Chinese: A tenacious myth and a Gordian knot
Moltmann, Friederike
freshly changed [pdf]Levels of Ontology and Natural Language: the Case of the Ontology of Parts and Wholes
Rouillard, Vincent
new [pdf]Alternatives, density, and in-adverbials
Ausensi, Josep
freshly changed [pdf]Resultatives and the architecture of event structure
Branan, Kenyon
Erlewine, Michael
new [pdf]Anti-pied-piping
Newman, Elise
new [pdf]vP infinitives in Wolof: on A'-movement to Spec vP
Elliott, Patrick D.
freshly changed [pdf]Crossover and accessibility in dynamic semantics
Jarrah, Marwan
freshly changed [pdf]Remnant-movement Analysis of Questions with Final Wh-words in Jordanian Arabic
Rudnev, Pavel
freshly changed [pdf]The Anaphor Agreement Effect is not about featural deficiency: Evidence from Avar
Satik, Deniz
freshly changed [pdf]Turkic genitive case and agreement asymmetries
Jarrah, Marwan
new [pdf]Morphological case, ɸ-agreement, and overt movement interactions in Syntax
Krifka, Manfred
new [pdf]Layers of Assertive Clauses: Propositions, Judgements, Commitments, Acts
Steinert-Threlkeld, Shane
Schlenker, Philippe
Chemla, Emmanuel
freshly changed [pdf]Referential and General Calls in Primate Semantics
Chaves, Rui
new [pdf]On the disunity of Right-Node Raising phenomena: Extraposition, Ellipsis, and Deletion
Mondal, Prakash
new [pdf]A Precis of 'Language, Biology, and Cognition: A Critical Perspective' (2020)
Angelopoulos, Nikos
Collins, Chris
Terzi, Arhonto
2020-08 [pdf]Passive By-Phrases in Greek and English: Adjuncts or Arguments?
Altshuler, Daniel
Maier, Emar
2020-08 [pdf]Coping with imaginative resistance
Gyarmathy, Zsofia
Altshuler, Daniel
2020-08 [pdf](Non)culmination by abduction
Šereikaitė, Milena
2020-08 [pdf]Voice and Case Phenomena in Lithuanian Morphosyntax (Dissertation)
Davis, Colin
2020-08 [pdf]The nature of overlapping A-bar chains as revealed by parasitic gaps
Yang, Charles
2020-08 [pdf]Saussurean Rhapsody: Systematicity and Arbitrariness in Language
Xiang, Yimei
2020-08 [pdf]Relativized Exhaustivity: Mention-Some and Uniqueness
Haider, Hubert
2020-08 [pdf]A null theory of scrambling
Poole, Ethan
2020-07 [pdf]Improper case

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