Binding and Indexicality in the Caucasus
Dmitry Ganenkov, Natalia Bogomolova
January 2019

This chapter provides an overview of the syntactic properties of anaphoric expressions found in languages of the Caucasus. Pronominals are discussed only in passing insofar as they are related to anaphors. Since it is impossible to cover all the details of cross-linguistic variation in this survey, we only aim to address the basics of binding and indexicality from a comparative perspective without providing full details on particular languages. The discussion is based on published sources, such as grammatical descriptions and articles on the phenomena in question, as well as on our own field notes, especially concerning Nakh-Dagestanian languages. In Section 1, we provide an overview of pronoun inventories. Section 2 discusses restrictions on locality domains observed for anaphors. Section 3 considers the range of possible antecedents in those locality domains. Section 4 presents exempt anaphoric and logophoric uses of reflexives. Section 5 introduces non-reflexive functions of reflexive pronouns. Section 6 discusses the use of personal pronouns and reflexives in embedded attitude reports.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004385
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Published in: To be published in Polinsky, Maria (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Languages of the Caucasus. OUP.
keywords: syntax, binding, reflexives, reciprocals, nakh-dagestanian, kartvelian, northwest caucasian
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