Problems of prosodic parallelism: A reply to Wiese and Speyer (2015)
Gerrit Kentner
September 2015

In their recent contribution, Wiese and Speyer (2015) come forward with a very interesting proposal regarding the effect of supra-lexical prosody on word prosodic structure. The proposal, the simplicity and elegance of which is captivating, is this: when given the choice, speakers strive for a rendition that maximizes prosodic parallelism; for two words that are prosodic phrase mates the foot structures are preferably parallel, i.e., the feet have the same number of syllables and stress pattern. This reply is a critical appraisal of Wiese and Speyer (2015).
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Reference: lingbuzz/004326
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Published in: Linguistics 53.5 (2015): 1233-1241
keywords: schwa, rhythm, meter, metrical structure, parallelism, phrasing, foot, stress, clitic, function word, morphology, phonology
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