Agreement. The Romance perspective
Roberta D'Alessandro
March 2019

This is an encyclopaedia article on agreement seen from the Romance perspective. It includes some of the main syntactic phenomena in Romance that have contributed to the development of the theory of agreement, from PSR to the Minimalist Program. The topics discussed are: agreement in PSR, past participle agreement, rich agreement and null subjects, the NSP, unaccusativity (shortly), and subject clitics (with tests to determine their pronominal vs inflectional status). The list of relevant phenomena is far from complete. Nevertheless, I hope to have selected some key phenomena that were crucial for the development of syntactic and morphological theory, especially within generative grammar. Comments and suggestions are very welcome! r.dalessandro AT
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Published in: In press as "Agreement". In Ledgeway, A. & M. Maiden, Handbook of Romance Linguistics. Cambridge University Press.
keywords: agreement, subject clitics, null subjects, pro-drop, unaccusatives, rich agreement, morphology, syntax
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