Not all reconstruction effects are syntactic
Stefan Keine, Ethan Poole
October 2018

This paper argues that not all reconstruction effects can be reduced to a syntactic mechanism that selectively interprets copies at LF. The argument is based on the novel observation that some but not all reconstruction effects induce Condition C connectivity in Hindi-Urdu. We argue that Hindi-Urdu requires the hybrid approach to reconstruction developed on independent grounds by Lechner (1998, 2013, to appear), where both copy neglection (a syntactic mechanism) and higher-type traces (a semantic mechanism) are available as independent interpretation mechanisms. We show that the interaction of these two modes of reconstruction derives the intricate reconstruction facts in Hindi-Urdu.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004294
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Published in: submitted
keywords: reconstruction, hindi-urdu, movement, syntax–semantics interface, semantics, syntax
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