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Ganenkov, Dmitry
new [pdf]On the empirical scope and theoretical status of the OC-NC generalization
Rákosi, György
new [pdf]With or without the definite article: On the syntax of anaphoric possessor strategies in Hungarian
Hasnawi, Muzna
freshly changed [pdf]Arabic as the Language of Instruction in The Departments of Natural Sciences at Arab Universities
Bassel, Noa
new [pdf]Anaphors in Space
Greenberg, Yael
new [pdf]An overt even operator over covert-based focus alternatives: The case of Hebrew BIXLAL
Greenberg, Yael
Wolf, Lavi
new [pdf]Intensified response particles to assertions and polar questions: The case of Hebrew legamrey
Perry, J. Joseph
new [pdf]Mapping and Pruning: An Approach to Prosodification
Greenberg, Yael
new [pdf]Even and Only: Arguing for parallels in scalarity and in constructing focus alternatives
Pasternak, Robert
freshly changed [pdf]A lot of hatred and a ton of desire: Intensity in the mereology of mental states
Hinterhölzl, Roland
new [pdf]An Alternative to FOFC
Andersson, Samuel
freshly changed [pdf](*)ABA in Germanic verbs
Hornstein, Norbert
new [docx]Case and Agreement in a Corner of Icelandic
Davis, Colin
freshly changed [pdf]Crossing and Stranding at Edges
Rolle, Nicholas
O'Hagan, Zachary
new [pdf]Different Kinds of Second-position Clitics in Caquinte
Rolle, Nicholas
freshly changed [pdf]In support of an OT-DM model: Evidence from a morphological conspiracy in Degema
Holmberg, Anders
Wang, Qi
new [pdf]Roots, categorizers and reduplication in Xining Chinese
Martinović, Martina
freshly changed [pdf]Interleaving syntax and postsyntax: Spell-out before syntactic movement
Hsu, Brian
new [pdf]Coalescence: a unification of bundling operations in syntax
Bary, Corien
Maier, Emar
freshly changed [pdf]Eventive and evidential speech reports
Imanishi, Yusuke
2018-10 [pdf]Parameterizing split ergativity in Mayan
Hsu, Brian
2018-10 [pdf]Exceptional prosodification effects revisited in Gradient Harmonic Grammar
Foley, Steven
Toosarvandani, Maziar
2018-10 [pdf]Pronoun movement and probe generosity
Lionnet, Florian
2018-10 [pdf]The colon as a separate prosodic category: Tonal evidence from Paicî (Oceanic, New Caledonia)
Stanton, Juliet
2018-10 [pdf]Gurindji nasal cluster dissimilation as trigger deletion
Hosono, Mayumi
2018-10 [pdf]Verb Movement in Narrow Syntax
Schwarz, Bernhard
Simonenko, Alexandra
2018-10 [pdf]On the logical makeup of how- and why-questions
Schwarz, Bernhard
Simonenko, Alexandra
2018-10 [pdf]Trivial questions
Ershova, Ksenia
2018-10 [pdf]Two paths to polysynthesis: The view from West Circassian nominalizations
Pfau, Roland
Salzmann, Martin
Steinbach, Markus
2018-10 [pdf]The syntax of sign language agreement: Common ingredients, but unusual recipe
Kalin, Laura
2018-10 [pdf]Morphology before phonology: A case study of Turoyo (Neo-Aramaic)

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