Implicational Universals in Stochastic Constraint-Based Ph
Giorgio Magri
September 2018

This paper focuses on the most basic implicational universals in phonological theory, called T-orders after Anttila and Andrus (2006). It shows that the T-orders predicted by stochastic and categorical Optimality Theory coincide. Analogously, the T-orders predicted by stochastic and categorical Harmonic Grammar coincide. In other words, these stochastic constraint-based frameworks do not tamper with the typological structure induced by the corresponding categorical frameworks. [This paper is part of a larger joint project with Arto Anttila on T-orders in constraint-based phonology. A more extended report will be made available shortly.]
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Published in: Proceedings of EMNLP 2018
keywords: constraint-based phonology; formal analysis; implicational universals, phonology
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