Prosodic Noun Incorporation: The Relationship between Prosody and Argument Structure
Lauren Clemens
September 2018

This paper argues for a uniform X0-raising analysis of VSO and VOS word order in Niuean. Accounting for VSO via X0-raising has a strong foundation in the V1 literature; the claim that X0-raising can also underlie VOS word order-as in Niuean's pseudo-noun incorporation (PNI) construction-is more controversial. This paper explains the VOS order of Niuean pseudo noun incorporation (PNI) by appealing to a condition on prosodic well-formedness, Argument-phi, that requires a head and its internal argument(s) to form a unique phonological phrase. In order to satisfy this requirement, the incorporated argument undergoes prosodic restructuring into a position adjacent to the verb at PF. Since the verb arrives at its clause-initial position via X0-raising, the syntactic input to the prosodic grammar is VSO, while the prosodic output is VOS.
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keywords: syntax, syntax-prosody interface, prosody, niuean
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