Presuppositions in Context [PhD Thesis]
Athulya Aravind
August 2018

This dissertation is about the acquisition of presupposition. The specific focus is on the interplay between presuppositional content as hardwired in the semantics of particular expressions and the conversational contexts in which utterances containing those expressions may be used. A series of behavioral experiments examine what children in the preschool age range know about the pragmatic principles governing presupposition, and how they come to acquire this knowledge. More specifically, I investigate the development of two separate, but inter-connected aspects of presupposition use: (i) the conditions that govern when presupposing something is appropriate, hence allow for the use of a presupposition triggering expression, and (ii) the conditions that make marking of presuppositions obligatory, hence require the use of a presupposition triggering expression.
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Published in: MIT Dissertation
keywords: presupposition, common ground, language acquisition, pragmatics, semantics
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