Improper case
Ethan Poole
August 2018

This paper argues that case assignment is impossible in configurations that parallel generalized improper-movement configurations. Thus, like improper movement, there is "improper case". The empirical motivation comes from (i) the interaction between case and movement and (ii) crossclausal case assignment in Finnish. I propose that improper case is ruled out by the Ban on Improper Case, according to which a DP in XP cannot license dependent case on another DP across YP if Y is higher than X in the functional sequence. I show that this constraint falls under a strong version of the Williams Cycle (Williams 1974, 2003, 2013; van Riemsdijk and Williams 1981) and is derived under Williams's (2003, 2013) analysis of embedding.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004148
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Published in: Submitted
keywords: case, williams cycle, locality, finnish, syntax
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