How to agree with a QNP
Imke Driemel, Jelena Stojkovic
July 2018

This paper focuses on the great variety of phi-agreement patterns and case alternations quantified noun phrases trigger in Serbo-Croatian. Novel data from Serbo-Croatian are contributed, showing more agreement patterns than so far attested. Crucial for the analysis is an observation that draws a parallel between the agreement patterns of quantified noun phrases and conjoined noun phrases. We will show that the data can best be described by a strictly derivational agreement system based on rule ordering (Müller 2009; Murphy and Puškar 2018) and operating in narrow syntax. Existing case-based approaches (Bošković 2003, 2006; Franks 1994; Pesetsky 1982) and INDEX-CONCORD based features system (Danon 2013; Wechsler and Zlatić 2000, 2003) fail to account for agreement alternations in pre- and post-verbal position as well as in NP-topicalisation configurations.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004134
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Published in: Glossa (accepted)
keywords: agreement; genitive of quantification; topicalisation; serbo-croatian, syntax
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