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Cheshire, Gerard
freshly changed [pdf]Dando voz al Voynich
Cheshire, Gerard
freshly changed [pdf]Voicing the Voynich
Liu, Yingtong
Ryskin, Rachel
Futrell, Richard
Gibson, Edward
new [pdf]A Verb-frame Frequency Account of Constraints on Long-Distance Dependencies in English
Bondarenko, Tanya
Zompi', Stanislao
new [pdf]Leftover Agreement
Paparounas, Lefteris
new [pdf]Visibility and intervention in allomorphy: Lessons from Modern Greek
Embick, David
Benz, Johanna
Paparounas, Lefteris
new [pdf]Blocking effects
Manova, Stela
new [pdf]Ordering restrictions between affixes
Li, Haoze
new [pdf]Reference to dependencies established in multiple-wh questions
Bondarenko, Tanya
Davis, Colin
new [pdf]Insights about cyclic syntax from cross-clausal scrambling and subject case in Balkar
Haider, Hubert
freshly changed [pdf]Phonemicization of the glottal stop due to political correctness in German
Davis, Colin
freshly changed [pdf]The Morpho-Syntactic Significance of the Unextractability of English Possessive Pronouns
Lewis, Rebecca
new [pdf]Associative Plurality and the DP/NP Typology
Mihoc, Teodora
new [pdf]Aspectual operators: Temporality, evaluativity, and polarity sensitivity
Shushurin, Philip
freshly changed [pdf]Nouns, verbs and phi-features
Pilszczikowa-Chodak, Nina
freshly changed [pdf]The Distribution of Consonants and Vowels in Hawaiian Disyllabic Base Words Without an Initial Consonant
Panagiotidis, Phoevos
freshly changed [pdf]Towards a (minimalist) Theory of Features: preliminary notes
Yuan, Mengxi
Hara, Yurie
new [pdf]How contextual bias rules the distribution of Mandarin polar questions and their answers
Goto, Nobu
Ishii, Toru
new [pdf]Where Does Determinacy Apply?
Begus, Gasper
freshly changed [pdf]Artificial sound change: Language change and deep convolutional neural networks in iterative learning
Beljon, Maud
Joosen, Dennis
Koeneman, Olaf
Ploum, Bram
Sommer, Noëlle
de Swart, Peter
Wilms, Veerle
new [pdf]The effect of filler complexity and context on the acceptability of wh-island violations in Dutch
Tamura, Ayaka
Miyamoto, Yoichi
Sauerland, Uli
new [pdf]Types of Disjunction: Negative Scope
Martin, Fabienne
Arunachalam, Sudha
new [pdf]Optional se constructions and flavours of applicatives in Spanish
Martin, Fabienne
Sun, Hongyuan
Liu, Jinhong
Demirdache, Hamida
new [pdf]Why one can kill Rasputin twice in Mandarin
Ausensi, Josep
Smith, RyanWalter
Yu, Jianrong
freshly changed [pdf]Directed motion entailments in the semantics of roots: A root-sensitive approach
Zhang, Niina Ning
freshly changed [pdf]Two Kinds of Selection Marking
Marty, Paul
Romoli, Jacopo
Sudo, Yasutada
Breheny, Richard
new [pdf]What makes an inference robust?
Bondarenko, Tanya
Davis, Colin
freshly changed [pdf]Parasitic Gaps and Concealed Pied-Piping in Russian
Ausensi, Josep
freshly changed [pdf]The semantics of roots determines argument structure
Kush, Dave
Sant, Charlotte
Strætkvern, Sunniva
2021-09 [pdf]Learning Island-insensitivity from the input: A corpus analysis of child- and youth-directed text in Norwegian
Thompson, Arthur
Van Hoey, Thomas
Do, Youngah
2021-09 [pdf]Articulatory features of phonemes pattern to iconic meanings: Evidence from cross-linguistic ideophones

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