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Motiee, Pardis
freshly changed [pdf]The Language of Voynich Manuscript: Patterns and Rules
Djamouri, Redouane
Paul, Waltraud
new [pdf]Clitic pronouns in Archaic Chinese
Alqarni, Muteb
new [pdf]Against Broad Subjects in Arabic
Francesco Ursini, Francesco-Alessio
Tse, Keith
freshly changed [pdf]Region Prepositions: The View from French
Härtl, Holden
Brübach, Tatjana
freshly changed [pdf]‘Well, that’s just great!’ – An empirically based analysis of non-literal and attitudinal content of ironic utterances
Chaves, Rui P.
Putnam, Mike
new [pdf] Unbounded Dependency Constructions: theoretical and experimental perspectives
Lyskawa, Paulina
Ranero, Rodrigo
freshly changed [pdf]Sibilant Harmony in Santiago Tz'utujil (Mayan)
Przepiórkowski, Adam
new [pdf]LFG and HPSG
Murphy, Elliot
new [pdf]Linguistic Representation and Processing of Copredication (PhD Thesis)
Mirrazi, Zahra
new [pdf]Licensing by Modification: Existential Readings of Bare Plurals in Farsi
Himmelmann, Nikolaus
freshly changed [pdf]Against trivializing language description (and comparison)
Moltmann, Friederike
freshly changed [pdf]Truthmaker-Based Content: Syntactic, Semantic, and Ontological Contexts
Elordieta, Gorka
Selkirk, Elisabeth
new [pdf]Unaccentedness and the formation of prosodic structure in Leikeitio Basque
Brattico, Pauli
new [pdf]Computational linguistics as natural science
Nguyen, Emma
Pearl, Lisa
freshly changed [pdf]The link between lexical semantic features and children’s comprehension of English be-passives
Kantarovich, Jessica
new [pdf]Argument structure in language shift: Morphosyntactic variation and grammatical resilience in Modern Chukchi
Lee, Seunghun
Selkirk, Elisabeth
new [pdf]A modular theory of the relation between syntactic and phonological constituency
Blix, Hagen
new [pdf]Phrasal Spellout and Partial Overwrite: On an alternative to backtracking
Breiss, Canaan
freshly changed [pdf]Cumulativity by default in phonotactic learning
Yuan, Michelle
freshly changed [pdf]Case as an Anaphor Agreement Effect: Evidence from Inuktitut
Asinari, Sarah
new [pdf]Multiple Quantifier Float in Dialectal English
Hiraiwa, Ken
freshly changed [pdf]Sluicing Cannot Apply In-Situ in Japanese
Borise, Lena
É. Kiss, Katalin
freshly changed [pdf]The emergence of conjunctions and phrasal coordination in Khanty
Erbach, Kurt
Schoenfeld, Aviv
new [pdf]Object mass nouns and subkind countability
Zhang, Cong
Jepson, Kathleen
Lohfink, Georg
Arvaniti, Amalia
new [pdf]Comparing acoustic analyses of speech data collected remotely
Papillon, Maxime
new [pdf]Infixes as infixes: A response to Laura Kalin
Branan, Kenyon
Erlewine, Michael
new [pdf]Locality and (minimal) search
Mahowald, Kyle
Jurafsky, Dan
Norris, Mark
new [pdf]Concord begets concord: A Bayesian model of nominal concord typology
Begus, Gasper
freshly changed [pdf]Bootstrapping Sound Changes
Greenberg, Gabriel
new [pdf]The Iconic-Symbolic Spectrum

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