Fourteen tests for Breton collectives, an inquiry on number and numerosity
Milan Rezac, Melanie Jouitteau
July 2014

We report on an inquiry into the mapping between the syntax and semantics of number in so-called collective nouns in Breton. First, the collective system of Breton is described. Next, we lay out the theory of numerosity (semantic) and number (syntactic) in terms of which we formulate particular diagnostics. We compare collectives to better or worse understood classes of nouns in the numerosity-number system, including group, count, and different varieties of mass nouns, focusing on those with anomalous number behavior recalling those of collectives. Each diagnostic is accompanied by the results of a pilot study. We review the methodological, comparative, and theoretical results we have and their current limits.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004111
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Published in: Lapurdum XIX - 565-597.
keywords: collectives, singulatives, double plurals, distributivity, group names, massic, number, semantics, morphology, syntax
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