Nasal place assimilation in Substance Free Logical Phonology
Veno Volenec
July 2018

This paper provides an analysis of Croatian nasal place assimilation from the perspective of Substance Free Logical Phonology. Treating phonology as application of logico-mathematical functions to abstract, symbolic primitives such as features, the analysis explicitly captures both the fact that in Croatian each underlying nasal behaves differently with respect to place assimilation and the fact that in certain cases nasals assimilate in continuancy as well as in place. On the basis of the provided analysis and on theoretical grounds, it is argued that not all possible why-questions that could be asked about phonology are grammatically relevant: True phonological why-questions, those that receive explanation within a formal grammar, should be strictly distinguished from functionalist why-questions, which concern themselves with aspects of phonology that are reducible to language-external systems and should not be encoded in a generative grammar.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004099
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Published in: Loquens
keywords: generative grammar; substance free logical phonology; nasal place assimilation; continuancy assimilation; formalist vs. functionalist why-questions, semantics
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