Remarks on the Syntax and the Semantics of So-Called Comitative Coordination
Eman Al-Khalaf
June 2018

Natural languages exhibit two conjunction strategies: the coordinate strategy and the comitative strategy (Stassen 2000). Recent work claims that there exists a hybrid construction that appears to employ both strategies, namely comitative coordinate construction. This paper argues against this claim and shows that what the literature assumes to be a hybrid construction is in fact a pure comitative, which is different from a coordinate semantically and syntactically. The paper also offers an alternative structural analysis of this construction, which captures the various differences between comitatives and coordinates. The analysis proposed has consequences on the status of the conjunct constraint, the constraint that bans extracting a whole conjunct.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004087
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Published in: Linguistic Research. Seoul, South Korea: The Institute for the Study of Language and Information, Kyung Hee University at Seoul.
keywords: coordination, comitative coordinates, the coordinate structure constraint, english, chinese, russian, syntax
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