Light heads and predicate formation: On two scopes of discontinuity
Jan Wiślicki
September 2018

The present paper addresses the problem of syntax-semantics mapping of syntactically complex structures that must be computed as semantically simple terms. While that kind of morphosyntactic mechanisms have been successfully applied to roots in Marantz’s framework, more complex structures turn out to be formally and conceptually challenging. To solve these problems, I make use of Cooper’s type-theoretic framework to propose a formal account of Transfer. I apply this to verbal idioms and quotational expressions whose parts do not share the properties of the surrounding context. The main result is a formal account of Marantzian light heads providing a recursive operation of predicate formation.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004079
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Published in: Submitted
keywords: quotation, verbal idioms, predicate formation, transfer, light heads, syntax-semantics mapping, discontinuity, cyclicity, phases, semantics, syntax
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