Import-Export and 'And'
Matthew Mandelkern
July 2018

Abstract Import-Export says that a conditional of the form 'p > (q > r)' is always equivalent to the corresponding conditional '(p∧q) > r'. I argue that Import-Export does not sit well with a classical approach to conjunction: given some plausible and widely accepted principles about conditionals, Import-Export together with classical conjunction leads to absurd consequences. My main goal is to draw out these surprising connections. In concluding, I argue that the best response to these facts is to reject Import-Export and adopt instead a limited version of that principle which better fits natural language data, still accounts for the intuitions that motivate Import-Export, and sits more easily with a classical conjunction.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003990
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Published in: Philosophy and Phenomenological Review
keywords: conditionals, import-export, conjunction, semantics
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