The Constraints and Consequences of Possessor Extraction in English
Colin Davis
August 2018

I analyze possessor extraction (PE) in English, a restricted possibility for some speakers. I argue that the complexities of this corner of English provide evidence for Cyclic Linearization (Fox & Pesetsky 2005, inter alia), which restricts English PE via its interaction with a PF condition on genitive morphology (Gavruseva & Thornton 2001) that possessor-extracting speakers can satisfy at the local phase level. By extension, these results reveal some linearization constraints on stranding, and suggest the non-phasehood of DP, the non-uniformity of left branch extractions, and the origination of expletive 'there' in vP.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003971
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Published in: Submitted
keywords: posssessor extraction, linearization, pied-piping, stranding, syntax
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