Object Agreement and Grammatical Functions: A Re-evaluation
Peter W. Smith
March 2018

This paper discusses object agreement in the Uralic language Khanty (also known as Ostyak). The availability of object agreement in this language has been linked (Dalrymple & Nikolaeva 2011) to the grammatical function that the object bears, an analysis that if correct, would provide a strong argument in favour of the presence of grammatical functions in Universal Grammar. I provide a critical re-evaluation of the object agreement data, and show that they can be equally handled in a configurational account. This paper has further consequences for what constitutes a spell-out domain. Following Baker (2015) I argue that differential object marking properties can come about due to the position of the object and what counts as a spell-out domain in that language, which is determined by the strength of the lower phase head v.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003968
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Published in: Language Science Press
keywords: differential object marking, khanty, agreement, spell-out domains, syntax
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