Distributed Agreement in Participial Sandwiched Configurations
Franc Lanko Marušič, Andrew Ira Nevins
April 2018

In recent years, several proposals have appeared that try to model the patterns of agreement with coordinate noun phrases found in South Slavic Languages. We investigate agreement in so-called `sandwiched' configurations, whereby a coordinated noun phrase sits between two agreeing participles. In such cases, the two participles do not necessarily agree with each other, given a scenario in which the first and the second conjunct have different phi-features. This means the two participles choose their target of agreement independently. We argue the results of our experimental study favor an approach to agreement that places it partially in PF.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003957
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Published in: volume on agreement to be published by Language Science Press
keywords: agreement, conjunct agreement, sandwiched configurations, slovenian, syntax
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