Philippine-type voice affixes as A'-agreement markers: Evidence from causatives and ditransitives
Victoria Chen
March 2017

This paper investigates the shared case patterns in causative and ditransitive constructions across Philippine-type Formosan languages and demonstrates how they motivate a nominative-accusative analysis for the Philippine-type voice system. With novel data from Puyuma, Amis, and Seediq, I argue that (i) pivot-marking in Philippine-type languages is better analyzed as a marker of information structure status (topic), rather than the reflex of structural absolutive/nominative Case, and (ii) Philippine-type voice affixes are better analyzed as A’-agreement markers, rather than transitivity/applicative marking. Last, I discuss how the agreement approach to voice affixes offers a unitary account for the lack of noun/verb distinction in Philippine-type languages.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003926
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Published in: Proceedings of AFLA 23
keywords: austronesian-type voice system, philippine-type voice system, voice, ergativity, western austronesian languages, morphology, syntax
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