Clauses as Semantic Predicates. Difficulties for Possible-Worlds Semantics
Friederike Moltmann
March 2018

The standard view of clauses embedded under attitude verbs or modal predicates is that they act as terms standing for propositions, a view that faces a range of philosophical and linguistic difficulties. Recently an alternative has been explored according to which embedded clauses act semantically as predicates of content-bearing objects. This paper argues that this approach faces serious difficulties when it is based on possible worlds-semantics. This paper outlines development of the approach in terms of truthmaker theory instead.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003916
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Published in: R. Bhatt/I.Frana/P. Menendez-Benito (eds.): Festschrift for Angelika Kratzer, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Online, March 2018
keywords: that-clauses, clauses, attitude verbs, modal verbs, possible worlds, situations, truthùaker semantics, semantics
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