Deriving English compound stress: insights from Distributed Morphology and multiple spell-out
Scott Jackson, Jeffrey Punske
September 2013

This paper outlines an analysis of compound stress in English, which has remained a persistent puzzle at the phonological, syntactic, and morphological interfaces. The analysis is a straightforward extension of previous work in the Distributed Morphology and Phase Theory frameworks, providing insights into several problems in the analysis of English compounds. Special rules for compound stress are shown to be unnecessary, and can be unified with rules for sentential stress. Finally, a simple structural distinction between complement and adjunct structures is shown to provide the basis for the apparently complex typology of both noun-noun and adjective-noun modificational structures in English.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003903
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Published in: Linguistic Analysis 38 (3-4), 243-274
keywords: compounding, stress, incorporation, distributed morphology, phase theory, morphology, syntax, phonology
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