The categorial anatomy of adjectives
Moreno Mitrović, Phoevos Panagiotidis
February 2018

This paper examines how roots are adjectivised within a featural system comprising only two categories. It argues that adjectivisers do not exist, leaving the repertory of categorisers with two members only: verbalisers, v heads, and nominalisers, n heads. We proceed to argue that the adjective category is possibly universal insofar as it involves prima facie dual categorisation: adjectives obtain when a root combines with a complex categorial structure involving both a verbaliser and nominaliser. This proposal is supported by grammar-internal evidence (viz. their external modification by adverbs and the nominal character of their internal structure) and by broader typological facts (the distribution of which, categorially, follows from our analysis). Several consequences and predictions are beneficially derived.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003887
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Published in: Ms. University of Cyprus
keywords: adjectives, lexical categories, morphology, syntax, typology, universal grammar, syntax
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