On the limits of number features: The case for a non-featural dual
Dejan Milacic
December 2017

This paper examines the morphological expression of dual and plural number in languages with apparent singular-dual-plural number systems and shows that the observed markedness of number features prevents them from accounting for all attested morphological patterns. I use the number systems of Slovenian, Manam and Mi'gmaq as examples for the three attested patterns I identify. I extend Nevins's (2011a) system of feature markedness to account for the Slovenian and Mi'gmaq patterns. I motivate a non-featural analysis of the Manam dual and compare its behaviour to that of non-inflectional plurals (Wiltschko 2008, Butler 2012).
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Reference: lingbuzz/003807
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Published in: McGill University MA thesis
keywords: dual number, markedness, slovenian, manam, mi'gmaq, morphology, semantics, syntax
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