Multiple Dominance and interface operations
Chris O'Brien
September 2017

This dissertation explores the consequences of multidominance in syntactic theory, with a particular focus on how multidominance interacts with interpretation at the interfaces. In particular, I explore how interpretation is sensitive to complete dominance, in which a phrase dominates every position containing another phrase. I argue that complete dominance plays a crucial role in the resolution of two puzzles: The right-edge restriction on right-node raising and selective island effects in A’-movement. I develop a linearization algorithm which is locally sensitive to complete dominance, and show how, when applied to right-node raising structures, it predicts the right-edge effect. I also explore how, following Bachrach & Katzir (2009, 2017), complete dominance plays a role in cyclic Spellout. Bachrach & Katzir argue that PF Spellout of incompletely dom- inated material is delayed. I extend Bachrach & Katzir’s delayed Spellout model to both PF and LF, and show how, when combined with Johnson’s (2012, 2014) model of movement, it predicts the range of selective island effects (Cinque 1990, Postal 1998). Finally, I explore a puzzle concerning the PF theory of islands and the question of whether island constraints are active at LF.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003805
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Published in: MIT Dissertation
keywords: syntax, multidominance, islands, right node raising
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