Cosas Invisibles. Dos pruebas de su inexistencia (in Spanish)
Andrés Saab
January 2018

In this short note, I provide two new tests coming from ellipsis and donkey anaphora with demonstratives in order to show that not every DP is the projection of a predicative NP (contra Elbourne 2013).
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Reference: lingbuzz/003804
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Published in: Gallego, Ángel J., Yolanda Rodríguez y Javier Fernández-Sánchez (eds.). 2017. Relaciones sintácticas. Homenaje a José M. Brucart y M.Lluïsa Hernanz. Bellaterra: Servei de Publicacions UAB.
keywords: dps, demonstratives, donkey anaphora, ellipsis, predicates, semantics, morphology, syntax
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