Negation and the Functional Sequence
Karen De Clercq, Guido Vanden Wyngaerd
March 2018

There exists a general restriction on admissible functional sequences which prevents adjacent identical heads. We investigate a particular instantiation of this restriction in the domain of negation. Empirically, it manifests itself as a restriction on the stacking of multiple negative morphemes. We propose a principled account of this restriction in terms of the general ban on immediately consecutive identical heads in the functional sequence on the one hand, and the presence of a Neg feature inside negative morphemes on the other hand. The account predicts that the stacking of multiple negative morphemes should be possible provided they are separated by intervening levels of structure. We show that this prediction is borne out.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003794
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Published in: To appear in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory
keywords: cartography; functional sequence; negation; adjectives; nanosyntax, morphology, syntax
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