Tonal reflexes of movement in Asante Twi
Sampson Korsah, Andrew Murphy
August 2019

We argue that Asante Twi has a process of tonal overwriting on verbs that are crossed by an A'-dependency. It is shown that this view captures the distribution of the process across ex-situ focus constructions, relative clauses and adverbial clauses, which are all contexts involving operator movement. Furthermore, we illustrate that this process is unbounded and applies to each verb in a long-distance dependency. We therefore conclude that this is a reflex of successive-cyclic movement through vP. Additionally, we provide a detailed study of resumption in Asante Twi, showing that despite island-insensitivity, resumption is still derived by movement. Finally, the morpho-phonological side of the phenomenon is investigated. It is shown that overwriting affects only those affixes below v and not those above, which follows from cyclic Vocabulary Insertion. This also provides support for Kandybowicz' (2015) assumption that aspect and negation are lower than vP in Asante Twi.
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Published in: to appear in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory
keywords: tone, successive-cyclic movement, phases, resumption, syntax, phonology
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