Explaining Disyllabic Tone Sandhi in Linchuan
Huteng Dai
November 2017

This article provides a fine-grained description of the phonology of the Linchuan (Gan Chinese) language/dialect, especially regarding tone and tone sandhi, and seeks a typological analysis of tone inventory and tone sandhi in the framework of constraint-based phonology (Prince and Smolensky 2002). By means of this tone sandhi analysis, this article discusses three topics: (1) The interaction between the diachrony and synchrony of tonal systems, (2) The constraint of slope correspondence MATCH-SLOPE, and (3) The interaction between tone inventory and tone sandhi. The presentation of these topics sets up the stage for future research on the phonological typology and the modeling of tone and tone sandhi.
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keywords: tone inventory, tone sandhi, gan chinese, phonology
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