Scrambling(s) + Clitics = CLLD (The case of French)
Nikos Angelopoulos, Dominique Sportiche
June 2017

Clitic Left Dislocation (CLLD) has received many conflicted analyses e.g. a base generation derivation (Cinque, 1990), a movement derivation (Cecchetto, 2000) or a mixture of the two (local base generation plus movement: Iatridou, 1995). In this paper, we provide an analysis of CLLD in French comparing the behavior of DP dislocations (of Subjects, Direct Objects, Indirect objects), PP dislocations (of Locative and Genitive PPs) and AP dislocation) with respect to reconstruction. Leveraging reconstruction properties, we show that (i) CLLD of DPs is a movement dependency, which involves one A-movement step to the middle-field, like A-scrambling of the Hindi or the Germanic type, followed by one or more A-bar movement steps to the left periphery. (ii) CLLD of PPs involves only A-bar movement steps to the middle field and on.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003486
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Published in: to appear in Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2016. Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Frankfurt 2016 (Martin Elsig, Ingo Feldhausen, Imme Kuchenbrandt, and Mareike Neuhaus, eds.) John Benjamins
keywords: clitics, clitic left dislocation, scrambling, reconstruction, french, syntax
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