Resumption (resumed Phrases are always moved, even with in-island resumption)
Dominique Sportiche
May 2017

This is a short version of a longer ms. extending the analysis in particular to Hebrew and Lebanese Arabic. On the basis of the properties of resumption in colloquial spoken French, I conclude that resumption of a phrase by a pronominal element always involve run of the mill movement of this phrase, whether the resumptive pronoun is inside an island or not. I propose that such movement can take place in two steps, the first being one of the Left Dislocation options, which feeds a variety of possible second steps (e.g., wh-movement or Clitic Left Dislocation).
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Reference: lingbuzz/003443
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Published in: to appear in Proceedings of LSRL 2016 (Francisco OrdoƱez and Lori Repetti, eds.) John Benjamins (Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory)
keywords: resumption, movement, island, reconstruction, dislocation, clitic left dislocation., syntax
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