Interpreting Questions with Non-exhaustive Answers
Yimei Xiang
March 2017

This dissertation explores the semantics of questions, with a focus on phenomena that challenge the standard views of the related core issues, as well as those that are technically difficult to capture under standard compositional semantics. It begins by re-examining several fundamental issues, such as what a question denotes, how a question is composed, and what a wh-item denotes. It then tackles questions with complex structures, including mention-some questions, multi-wh questions, and questions with quantifiers. It also explores several popular issues, such as variations of exhaustivity, sensitivity to false answers, and quantificational variability effects.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003360
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Published in: Ph.D Dissertation, Harvard University
keywords: questions, categorial approach, mention-some, multi-wh, quantifying into questions, attitudes, mandarin 'dou', alternative semantics, semantics
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