Conditions on Iterative Rounding Harmony in Oroqen
Elan Dresher, Andrew Ira Nevins
February 2017

In this paper, we re-examine the claim that Baiyinna Oroqen, a language of the Tungusic family with a largely predictable distribution of non-high round vowels, requires a non-iterative type of vowel harmony, by demonstrating instead the need for a clear distinction between stem-internal morpheme structure constraints and suffixal vowel harmony. We also propose that what was thought to be a requirement that harmony donors must be anchored in two successive syllables is instead a restriction that copying of the harmonic feature must be from a non-initial vowel.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003315
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Published in: submitted
keywords: vowel harmony, oroqen, manchu, morpheme-structure constraints, loanwords., phonology
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