In defense of an HPSG-based theory of non-constituent coordination: A reply to Kubota and Levine
Shuichi Yatabe, Wai Lok Tam
April 2018

We show that Kubota and Levine's (2015) characterization of the HPSG-based theory of non-constituent coordination proposed in Yatabe (2001) and later works is inaccurate, and that the theory in question is consistent with the long-known fact that right-node raising and left-node raising can affect semantic interpretation. In the course of demonstrating this, we fill in some details of this HPSG-based theory that were left unspecified in the previous literature, and we also correct some minor errors in that literature. Furthermore, we argue that there are several empirical reasons to prefer this theory over theories like Kubota and Levine's: summative agreement, phonological mismatches in RNR, medial RNR and LNR, and constraints on the availability of "respectively" interpretation.
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keywords: right-node raising, left-node raising, cg, semantics, syntax
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