Obvia et Impera! A case for ‘perspectival control’ in directive clauses
Adrian Stegovec
May 2018

The paper proposes a new type of control configuration: perspectival control. This involves control of a non-argument PRO that combines with a directive modal operator in the Mood domain. This PRO exists to encode the individual to whom the public commitments associated with the modal are anchored, and its presence can be detected in the syntax through a subject obviation effect. The empirical focus of the paper are Slovenian directive clauses (imperatives and subjunctives), but the analysis is shown to have implications for analyses of other languages as well as theories of directive clauses and the representation of discourse related information in the syntax.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003078
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Published in: Ms. UConn (submitted - under revision)
keywords: binding, control, directives, embedded imperatives, performative modals, perspective, pro, slovenian, speech reports, subject obviation, subjunctives
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