The Syntax of Focus Association in Dutch and German: Evidence from Scope Reconstruction
Liz Smeets, Michael Wagner
June 2016

In this paper we present novel evidence for the availability of scope reconstruction of the German and Dutch equivalents constituents of the form [only + DP]. Adding to earlier arguments in Reis (2005) and Meyer & Sauerland (2009), this paper provides additional evidence against the analysis of the German equivalent of only in Buring & Hartmann (2001), which claims that it can exclusively adjoin to adverbial positions. We rely on evidence from the Prosodic Question Answer Congruence and data from the scopal interaction between exclusive operators and adverbs to support our claims. We also present a syntactic analysis which accounts for the reconstruction data, and provides an alternative explanation for some of the syntactic restrictions on its distribution for which the Adverbial Analysis was originally proposed. We conclude with a discussion of why it might be that scope reconstruction is always available from the prefield, whereas in the middlefield only arguments seem to be able to reconstruct.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003036
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Published in: Proceedings of WCCFL34
keywords: focus association, scope reconstruction, syntax of `only', semantics, syntax
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