Phonological conditions on variable adjective-noun word order in Tagalog
Stephanie Shih, Kie Zuraw
March 2015

Tagalog adjectives and nouns variably occur in two word orders, separated by an intermediary linker: adjective-linker-noun versus noun-linker-adjective. The linker has two phonologically-conditioned surface forms (–ng and na). This paper presents a large-scale, web-based corpus study of adjective/noun order variation in Tagalog, focusing in particular on phonological condi-tions. Results show that word order variation in adjective-noun pairs optimizes for phonological structure, abiding by phonotactic, syllabic, and morphophonological well-formedness preferences that are also found elsewhere in Tagalog grammar. The results indicate that surface phonological information is accessible for word order choice.
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Reference: lingbuzz/002796
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Published in: under review
keywords: tagalog, word order, variation, corpus, phonology, allomorphy, morphology, phonology
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