Refining stratified reference
Lucas Champollion
September 2015

This is a reply to the comments by Corver, Doetjes, Link, Piñón, Schwarzschild, and Syrett on the target article in vol. 41 issue 3-4 of Theoretical Linguistics, Stratified reference: The common core of distributivity, aspect, and measurement (accessible at Stratified reference is designed to capture semantic oppositions involving atelicity, plurality and mass reference, extensive measure functions, distributivity, and collectivity. Following suggestions by some of the commentators, stratified reference is refined here in two ways: it is restricted to the parts of the event or individual in question, and its granularity parameter is instantiated with a predicate built around mereological proper parthood and degree ordering.
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Reference: lingbuzz/002676
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Published in: Theoretical Linguistics (2015) vol. 41 issue 3-4 pages 223-240, Supplementary video also available at
keywords: algebraic semantics, aspect, boundedness, collectivity, distributivity, mass, measurement, mereology, monotonicity, plural, partitives, telicity, semantics
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