Adjective Agreement in Noon: Evidence for a Split Theory of Noun-Modifier Concord
Nico Baier
July 2015

In this paper, I show that two distinct mechanisms are needed to account for the pattern of noun-adjective agreement in Noon (Cangin, Senegal). Previous work presupposes that the same mechanism derives noun-modifier agreement (concord) and argument-predicate agreement: usually a modified version of Chomsky’s (2001) Agree. However, others have argued that noun-modifier agreement is morphological in nature and should be derived post-syntactically. Here, I argue for a split approach: one form of Noon adjective agreement is derived by valuation of φ-probe on A, while another is derived via a post-syntactic process of Feature Copying (Norris 2014).
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Reference: lingbuzz/002631
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Published in: Proceedings of NELS 45, vol 1, pp 67-80.
keywords: agreement, nominal concord, adjectives, morphology, syntax, feature copying, syntax
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