Sets, Heads and Spreading in LFG
Avery Andrews
September 2018

Andrews and Manning (1993, 1999) proposed to analyse a number of constructions, including complex predicates and modal adjectives, in a heavily modified version of LFG that could accomodate the fact that these constructions seem to involve more in the way of hierarchical structure than seemed to be supported by the LFG architecture. Here I show that the same results can be achieved by combining the 'hybrid objects' of the analysis of coordinate structures proposed by Dalrymple and Kaplan 2000 with a more extensive use of some of the capacities of LFG's glue semantics. The article is now published in Journal of Language Modelling (open access), so the final version here consists of links to the journal page, and to some 'additional appendices' containing material that it seemed best to omit from the published version.
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Reference: lingbuzz/002522
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Published in: The Australian National University
keywords: lfg, glue semantics, complex predicates, distributive attributes, semantics, syntax
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