The stress pattern of Dutch monomorphemes: a pilot empirical study
Cesko Voeten, Marc Van Oostendorp
April 2015

Because the stress system of Dutch is mixed between free and bound stress, Dutch metrical stress theories have traditionally been plagued by the issue that any given theory has different opinions on which patterns are rule-governed and which patterns are lexically-stored exceptions. We present the results of a-large-scale study (1,774 participants × 307 words; 76,782 cells filled) which used exclusively nonsense words, thereby ensuring that it probes the actual phonological grammar, rather than any lexically-stored stress patterns. The results show that, when ignoring author-specific 'single-problem' postulations, the stress system of Dutch matches well with the concensus in the literature: iterative right-to-left moraic trochees with weight-by- position, whereby tense vowels are metrically short, and where lax ultimas in particular may be extrametrical (cf. Gussenhoven 2014).
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keywords: phonology, phonology
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