Computational modeling for language acquisition: A tutorial with syntactic islands
Lisa Pearl, Jon Sprouse
March 2015

Given the growing prominence of computational modeling in the acquisition research community, we present a tutorial on how to use computational modeling to investigate learning strategies that underlie the acquisition process. This is useful for understanding both typical and atypical linguistic development. We provide a general overview of why modeling can be a particularly informative tool and some general considerations when creating a computational acquisition model. We then review a concrete example of a computational acquisition model for complex structural knowledge referred to as syntactic islands. This includes an overview of syntactic islands knowledge, a precise definition of the acquisition task being modeled, the modeling results, and how to meaningfully interpret those results in a way that is relevant for questions about knowledge representation and the learning process.
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Reference: lingbuzz/002346
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Published in: submitted
keywords: language acquisition, computational modeling, syntactic islands, tutorial, syntax
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