The Null Subject Parameter. Where are we, and where are we headed?
Roberta D'Alessandro
July 2014

The NSP has been one of the most debated parameters of the generative enterprise. This chapter offers a short state-of-the-art survey of the null subject parameter enterprise. You will find: a brief overview of NS languages; the classical NSP and the sources that inspired it; the typology vs parameters debate; the role of rich, impoverished, and null agreement in licensing NSs; pro; a new formulation of the NSP in terms of clusters of microparameters; and the NSP and labeling proposal by Chomsky 2014. This is a first draft. Comments/questions/suggestions are very welcome.
Format: [ pdf ]
Reference: lingbuzz/002159
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Published in: 1st draft; published as: D'Alessandro, Roberta. 2015. Null Subject. In: Antonio Fábregas, Jaume Mateu and Michael Putnam (eds), Contemporary Linguistic Parameters. London: Bloomsbury Press. 2015, 201-226
keywords: null subjects, pro-drop, pro, partial null subject languages; rich agreement; expletive null subjects, syntax
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