From Logic to Montague Grammar (Course Notes and Problem Sets)
Seth Cable
December 2019

This document contains the class notes, handouts, and problem sets that I’ve developed for the graduate-level course ‘From Logic to Montague Grammar’ (Linguistics 797M), taught at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (Fall 2013, 2019). I have collected these here and posted them publicly for anyone who may have an interest in either Montague Grammar (MG) generally or the specific papers “Universal Grammar” (UG) and “The Proper Treatment of Quantification in Ordinary English” (PTQ). As to the content, structure, and goals of the course, I refer the reader to the syllabus that begins these notes. The didactic literature on MG is of course already rather sizable, but these materials do aim to make the following original contributions to that body of work: (i) a presentation of the algebraic framework developed in Montague’s paper ‘UG’, (ii) an explanation of the conceptual relationship between that algebraic framework and the better-known system presented in Montague’s paper ‘PTQ’, (iii) an introductory explanation of the conceptual and mathematical motivations for model theoretic semantics. This document replaces an earlier collection of course notes by the same title. These revised notes correct a number of errors in those earlier notes, and also streamline the presentation of certain key concepts in a number of places. In addition, various other small improvements in presentation and organization are made.
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