Wh-Morphology and Cyclicity in Wolof
Martina Martinović
March 2016

This paper is concerned with the syntax and morphology of A'-extraction effects in the Niger-Congo language Wolof, and what they can tell us about well known properties of A'-movement - cyclicity and locality. Wolof exhibits three different A'-extraction effects: morphological marking of the cyclicity of movement, agreement in class between the wh-complementizer and the extracted phrase, and a subject/non-subject asymmetry, akin to the that-trace effect. The analysis developed here aims to show that agreement lies at the center of all A′-extraction effects, and that their surface morpho-syntactic properties can at least partly be understood as resulting from the general mechanisms underlying the operation Agree, such as the presence of particular uninterpretable features and their location. Wolof is particularly suitable for the exploration of not only the morpho-synatax of A'-movement, but also the interaction of various A'-extraction effects. All the aforementioned effects in Wolof surface on C, and their interaction triggers allomorphy of the complementizer. The novelty of the approach advocated in this paper is in maintaining a unified syntax for different types of A′-movement structures, and providing a realizational analysis in the framework of Distributed Morphology, which attributes the surface differences in the CP layer in Wolof to post-syntactic conditions on feature co-occurrence, known to exist in many languages.
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Published in: Natural Language and Linguistic Theory; March 2016, Online First
keywords: wh-movement; wh-morphology; cyclicity; locality; complementizer agreement; subject/non-subject asymmetry; wolof; feature co-occurrence; complementizer allomorphy, morphology, syntax
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