The Licensing of Adnominal PPs: The Case of Basque -ko
Georg Höhn
February 2012

Adnominal postpositional phrases in Basque need to be licensed by the attributive linker -ko on the right edge of the PP, which is absent if the PP is not contained inside a DP. Rejecting an analysis in terms of Predicate Inversion, I suggest that the linker represents a functional category at the high end of the extended projection of P, which establishes the proper relation between modifier and modifiee in situ. Semantically, it adjusts the semantic type of its complement, so as to license semantic composition by means of Functional Application. Dispensing with the non-saturating operation of Predicate Modification allows a principled explanation of the linker’s obligatory presence with adnominal PPs.
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Reference: lingbuzz/001770
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Published in: Surányi, Balázs and Diána Varga (eds.) 2012. Proceedings of the First Central European Conference of Postgraduate Students. Piliscsaba: Pázmány Péter Catholic University
keywords: attributive linkers, basque, pp, nominal modification, semantics, morphology, syntax
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