The Myth of Language Diversity
Jose-Luis Mendivil-Giro
January 2012

1. The diversity of languages as a myth. 2. Inductive and deductive approaches to language unity and diversity. 3. The False Problem of UG: Innatism and Emergentism. 4. A note on the minimalist UG and the universality of syntax. 5. The Naturalist Approach: Languages as natural objects. 6. The long shadow of neo-Darwinism: Languages as cultural objects. 7. Co-evolution: When Linguistic change and language evolution are conflated. 8. Neo-relativism and human nature. 9. Conclusion: The true value of linguistic diversity for Biolinguistics
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Reference: lingbuzz/001744
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Published in: Boeckx, C., M.C. Horno, J.L. Mendivil (eds.), Language, from a Biological Point of View, Cambridge Scholars P, Newcastle, 2012
keywords: typology, ug, parametric theory, relativism, universals, syntax
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